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Motion Design

Mograph, animation, data visualizations, GFX, explainers, whooshy pictures...our work has many names and many forms. Check out our latest motion design work.

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Visual Effects

"We'll fix it in post," they say. Well, we're the team "they" are talking about when they need a set of magicians to save the day in post-production. See our latest magic here.



Filmmakers turn to us to finish the story. From cells in your body to the depths of the ocean, we help audiences experience new worlds through animation.


Be moved.

Mass FX Media is a full service video production company specializing in motion graphics, animation and visual effects. We serve our clients through innovative story-telling and visuals that move viewers to action, creating company explainer videos, sponsored content and animations for documentary films.

Move your audiences. Get the effect you want.

Our Latest

Chasing Coral, Netflix Doc

Chasing Coral premiered for a global audience at Sundance in 2017 and was purchased as a Netflix original film. It was shortlisted for an Oscar and won a Peabody Award. Our team assembled, tracked and composited all coral reef time-lapses, and made the titles and animations.

The Film

Denver Startup Week

We sponsored Denver Startup Week this year, giving our time to create a set of 8 videos. To kick off the opening breakfast for the week, we used a set of statistics from the Downtown Denver Partnership to creae this entertaining ride that leads you through the state of Denver and entrepreneurship. Watch the eye candy.

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Bellco's New Look

We've partnered with our office-mate, Postmodern Company, to create an exciting launch video for Bellco Credit Union's new digital banking platform that they launched this year. They basically needed a feature video, but we decided to take it up a notch. With a little green screen and VFX magic, this is the final product.

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