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What moves you?

Passion is contagious. We take your passion, combine it with pixel dust and create a product that moves.
We do animations, motion graphics, data visualization and visual effects. If we can't film it, we can create it.

Our Latest

Chasing Coral, A Netflix Original

Chasing Coral premiered for a global audience at Sundance in 2017 and was purchased as a Netflix original film. It was shortlisted for a 2018 Oscar. Our team assembled, tracked and composited all coral reef time-lapses, titles, and animations for the film...

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Reuters and Excedrin

Reuters came to us with the challenge of creating a suite of videos based on migraine research, head pain polls and real stories of migraine sufferers. We culled the data, interviewed migraine scientists and interviewed three people and animated their stories. Here's what we created...

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Looker's New Look

We've partnered with Looker Data Sciences for 2 years now, creating testimonials, product feature videos and their home page explainer video. A year after we completed their explainer, they changed their animation style, so they asked us to update the visuals. Here's what we came up with.


Motion design, animation, data visualizations, graphics, explainers, or whooshy pictures...our work has many names and even more forms it takes. Most importantly, how can we help you tell your story?

Our Work

Visual Effects

"We'll fix it in post," is a phrase often spoken on sets of all shapes and sizes. We're the team they're talking about when they have the confidence to wrap up for the day even though something wasn't captured quite right or a scene was missing the icing on its cake.

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Our background is in documentary filmmaking, but we happened to fall into the niche of motion design. We most recently partnered with Director Jeff Orlowski to create all the aimations for Chasing Coral, which have been nonimated for a Cinema Eye Honors Award.

Chasing Coral

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