Motion Graphics, Design & Cinematography

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  • Mass FX Motion Graphics Design

    Motion Graphics Design Reel

  • Mass FX Motion Graphics Design

    Motion Graphics Design Reel

  • Mass FX 2014 Showreel of Cinematography and Motion Design

    General Showreel | Cinematography and Motion Design

  • Mass FX Media's World Cinematography Reel

    World Cinematography Reel

We put the production-value sprinkles on your video cupcake.

Mass FX Media is a Colorado-based, video production company that specializes in cinematography, motion graphics design and visual effects.
The most expensive film you'll ever make is the one nobody watches. In a world saturated with media, yours need to stand above the rest.

Motion Graphics Reel

A sampling of our latest motion design projects.

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Cinematography Reel

A sampling of our cinematography from around the world.

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General Reel

This reel showcases highlights from our work in all our specialties.

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3D Animation Reel

Our latest 3D motion graphics and title design work.

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Resources for filmmakers

As filmmakers, you must constantly be feeding your creativity with inspiration from other filmmakers. These are some links to resources that we go to frequently to keep up on what's going on in our filmic world.

Vimeo Staff Picks

Our friends over at Vimeo keep up with user submissions and choose their favorites in the Vimeo Staff Picks section of their site. We love to pop over there and check out the videos people are really reacting to and take notes on techniques we could use in our films.

Creative Cow

Creative Cow is a resource for filmmakers to exchange tutorials, listen to podcasts and ask questions to one another on forums. When we run into issues with software or hardware, we immediatly turn to the forums because more than likely someone else has run into the same thing.

FX Guide TV

Not a podcast goes by without one of us hearing it from FX Guide TV, a constant flow of learnings from the latest and greatest things going on in the entertainment realm. If we're going to stay on top of our game, we have to stay on top of the news, and this is a great place to continue the education process.


Radiolab is purely radio - no visuals, but the storytelling is worth a listen. After you've heard every episode of Radiolab, you'll be a beast at trivia and random factoids.

Our latest learnings

Motion graphics work is tedious, so there must be something on in the background. Here are the podcasts filling our brains this month.